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Year 1

A fantastic STEM week learning all about animals including humans. We know the names of our body parts and can sort objects into ‘living’ and ‘non-living’. We know that we have 5 senses that we use everyday. We had great fun experimenting with jelly to find out which flavour it really was.

All the year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed their first STEM week and we can’t wait for our next one.

Year 2

Year 2 had a super STEM week learning about animals including humans. Our week started with the human life cycle then we compared this with a frog’s life cycle and a butterfly’s. We loved having caterpillars in the classroom to watch as they grew and went through each stage of their life cycle.

The children were challenged to find out if taller people have bigger feet and they conducted an investigation within the class to find out (our results showed that yes the taller people do have bigger feet).
We also looked at healthy/unhealthy foods and the different food groups. Now we know what we should eat to ensure we have a balanced diet. As well as this, we looked at the benefits and the effect that exercise has on our bodies by completing a series of 1-minute challenges outdoors. This got our pulses racing and our hearts beating faster.
We have been so busy but it has been non-stop fun and we are already looking forward to our next STEM week!

Year 3

For STEM week we had magnetic children in Year 3! We were poles in magnets and had to decided who we were attracted to and which children repelled us… We then used this knowledge to write about how a magnet works. We used our investigative skills when facing the challenge of finding out which magnet was the strongest, we carried out a fair test and then presented our findings.

Not only did we complete our own work this week but we also solved a problem for an alien! His space pod needed to reach the planet Zog but he was having problems with finding the correct stretching distance for his elastic bands to fire the pods… He came to the right place for help though as we found out that the perfect stretch was 15cm. Job Done!

We ended our week with a bit of fun with springs. We wrote a character description for Zebedee (all you grown ups should know him!) and then we used our designing skills to make our very own ‘Jack in the Box’. After this week we are now experts in all things magnetic and springy.

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