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STEM @ Denbigh CPS

Subject Lead: Mrs Hammill/ Miss Mayhew

We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in order to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the world through the specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Science is taught under the umbrella of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), in half termly weekly blocks. A cross curricular approach is given to the subject with many opportunities for the children to record their work applying both their scientific understanding, English and Maths skills and other cross curricular subject areas such as DT, Art, Music, PE and Topic. Each block of work covers the knowledge needed to gain a deeper understanding of the Science unit and uses a range of practical enquiry work that supports the working scientifically aspect of the learning. Children learn about the scientists who are important in each particular area of STEM. Through an annual bespoke British Science Week or Engineering Week, the children develop a love for STEM and can understand the careers and jobs associated with these chosen disciplines.

Visits are often arranged to enhance the learning within Science via trips such as to The Discovery Museum, Dove Laboratory, Centre for Life, The Energy Centre and Wallsend Park. Visitors also enhance the Science provision through workshops and talks in school such as Technology Tom, Party animals, Space Dome, local health services and Sustainable Science. The children are also given an opportunity to take part in a whale and dolphin watching trip on board the DFDS Seaways to Amsterdam, here they learn about the different sea creatures on board with the ORCA wildlife officers.

Science also has good links within the community such as other local primary schools through our cluster and secondary schools, as well as colleges, universities and industry. Joint projects and learning take place with many of these partners such as the ICE bridge building, RAF projects and STEMtastic.

We have been recognised as outstanding for Science teaching and learning at Denbigh, having recently re-accredited the Primary Science Quality Mark at Gold level.

To achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM), a key set of principles for good Science teaching were created with input from both the staff and pupils. These are used by staff when planning lessons and also form the basis of lesson observations.

Staff at Denbigh know that good Science occurs in our school when…

  • It is led by the children, interests them and is memorable to them.
  • Children are talking, laughing, engaged and enjoying science through a range of interactive and practical activities.
  • Children are actively involved in their own learning, asking questions, looking for the answers, planning their own investigations and taking risks.
  • Science is differentiated and inclusive with children making progress throughout the lesson and unit.
  • Good quality assessment and Assessment For Learning is used to inform planning and builds on children’s prior learning.
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This week the full time nursery have enjoyed listening to the story ‘What’s in the witch’s kitchen’. We used tweezers to free all the spiders from the spider web and practised drawing our own spider webs using anti-clockwise circles. We had lots of fun created our own magic potions using water and flavoured tea as well as a range of Halloween objects and talked about what our potions would do. We also had lots of fun exploring and carving our own pumpkins as well as creating our own pumpkin crafts #dcpscaterpillar #dcpseyfs #dcps30hours #dcpsliteracy #dcpsSTEM ... See MoreSee Less

In DT today Elephants found out all about Charles Macintosh and the development of waterproof fabric. We applied this knowledge by thinking about how we could make paper waterproof. We used wax crayons, oil pastels, plastic sheets and cling film to cover our paper, the tricky part was folding the paper into a boat! We were really impressed by how well the oil pastels worked! #dcpselephant #dcpsdt #dcpsstem #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 3 had a fantastic STEM week last week learning about light and dark #dcpscore #dcpsturtle #dcpsstem ... See MoreSee Less

Over the last few weeks the nursery children have been exploring the changes that occur in autumn by going on a leaf hunt and exploring our autumn tuff trays. They have made their own leaf pictures as well as created a their own autumn wreaths and scarecrows to keep the birds from eating the seeds we are planting next week (but don’t worry we will be making our own bird feeders too).
We have begun learning about harvest and why we celebrate this festival by listening to the story of the very helpful hedgehog. We have loved learning our new harvest songs and exploring a range of fruits and vegetables that the farmers have picked especially for us! #dcpscaterpillar #dcpseyfs #dcps30hours #dcpsstem #dcpsre
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Year 5 plotted the distances of the planets using the correct scale. They had to use both their Maths and Science skills to work out how far away their planet was from the sun. #dcpscore #dcpsstem #dcpsmaths #dcpslotc #dcpsdolphin ... See MoreSee Less

Today the Dragons set their butterflies free. We have had them in our classroom for two weeks and have loved watching them grow from tiny caterpillars, into their chrysalis and then seeing them emerge into beautiful butterflies 🦋. #dcpsdragon #dcpsstem #dcpslifeskills #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Elephants loved their STEM week and are now experts in classification keys and using them to sort and identify species. We finished the week by thinking about environmental dangers living things might face, including endangered species. We talked about what we could to help the environment and came up with some fantastic ideas. #dcpselephant #dcpsstem #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Today was time for our butterflies to be released. We have loved watching them grow from tiny caterpillars, encase themselves in chrysalis and then seeing them emerge as butterflies. One was very keen to explore the great outdoors and flew straight out, the others needed a little coaxing and encouragement. #dcpsdinosaur #dcpsstem #dcpslifeskills #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

This week in nursery we have been exploring Autumn and harvest festival.
While exploring autumn we talked about the change in weather, what happens to some trees, made clay hedgehogs and explored various autumnal vegetables.
With Alexander ( the puppet) we talked about how the harvest festival is all about helping others. We helped him to think of ways to be a better friend and we all agreed having kind hands in Nursery is important! We have spent the week helping our friends and talking about how to help others in our lives. What a kind group of children we have in Nursery #dcpscaterpillar #dcpsre #dcpspshe #dcpslifeskills #dcpsmaths #dcpsstem
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The Whales had an amazing STEM lesson outside, using their knowledge of the solar system to plot how far away the planets are from the sun. The children had to show the distance relative to the size of a toilet roll square! They all enjoyed it and showed amazing teamwork skills! Well done Whales #dcpswhale #dcpsstem #dcpslotc #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

The dragons were busy on Friday creating information posters about different world habitats. Some great exploring and networking took place #dcpsdragon #dcpsstem #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Last week the Dinos explored micro habitats, looking at which mini beasts like to live there. We didn’t let a little thing like rain stop our scientific enquiry and learned lots about why some creatures prefer different habitats to others. #dcpsdinosaur #dcpsstem #dcpscore #dcpslotc ... See MoreSee Less

After seeing the real rocket at school last week the children were very keen to find out more. To follow this interest this week in nursery we have explored rockets! We watched rockets going into space, pretended to be space explorers in rockets using hoops, explored pictures of planets, used a parachute to send an astronaut into space and even made our own rockets. What a blast of a week we’ve had! #dcpscaterpillar #dcpsstem #dcpsscience ... See MoreSee Less

The fully time Nursery have enjoyed exploring the big field this week. We have been digging for treasure in the sandpit and made the most delicious mud pies in our outdoor kitchen by investigating how much water we should add to make the perfect consistency.
Digging on a large scale is great for building the children’s upper body strength which is essential before getting the children to draw and write. We also practise our balancing skills as we used the balance bikes to go around the track and explored our trim trail.
Inside we have been making our own potions using mint and lavender from our nursery garden and explored a range of natural materials. #dcpseyfs #dcpscaterpillar #dcps30hours #dcpslotc #dcpsliteracy #dcpsSTEM
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Y2 Dragons have just had a STEM week. We have been learning about which insects live in the different micro habitats in our local area. We went into our yard to see which insects we could find in the micro habitats. We found snails, spiders, worms, ants and many more! 🪱 🕷 🐌 🪰 🐜 #dcpscore #dcpsdragon #dcpslotc #dcpsstem ... See MoreSee Less

Year 2 Dragons were so busy last week! We had such a fantastic day with a workshop delivered by Steve from Starchaser. The children got to make and fly their own rockets. They went to heights we didn’t think was possible and that the camera couldn’t catch! 🌠🚀 #dcpsdragon #dcpscore #dcpsstem #dcpstopic #dcpslotc ... See MoreSee Less

Elephants have had a fantastic start to their STEM week. We are looking at living things and their habitats. So far we have identified and sorted animals into groups and had a go at making our own classification keys. #dcpselephant #dcpsstem #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 4 Giraffes have made a great start to their STEM week, looking at living things and their habitats. We have been learning about how to classify organisms and we even had a go at creating our own classification keys. #dcpsgiraffe #dcpsstem #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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