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Subject Lead: Miss Stephenson

The English curriculum at Denbigh strives to equip children with the reading and writing skills that they will need to succeed in, and beyond their school years. We use a variety of teaching and learning skills to support our children’s learning throughout the English curriculum which encompasses reading, grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as composition of written texts. Our staff aim to enthuse and inspire a love of English through relevant texts, exciting writing opportunities (which lead to a real-life outcomes, such as presenting their work on the School Radio, or uploading their work to Seesaw so that other children can read it) and through genre based studies. 

A genre based study allows our children to build a solid knowledge of different text types; building on this knowledge each year through the introduction of new language features and presentational devices. With a few consecutive weeks being spent on each text type, the children have a good base to then show off their skills through HOT writes which follow after each genre study. 

A cross curricular approach to English is in place to allow children have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in English lessons through other areas, such as STEM, Topic, Art, DT etc. Educational trips (writing events, library visits, author events and cinema trips) work alongside our English curriculum to support the teaching and learning, and give children real-life experiences to draw on in their writing. 

In KS1, children learn to read using the Read, Write, Inc. phonics scheme alongside whole-class guided reading sessions in which the children are probed on their understanding of a text and its grammatical features. Reading is heavily interwoven through genre studies where children look at good examples of the text type and read as a reader and a writer to better understand the skills and writing techniques needed to be successful in their writing. 

In KS2, children continue to build on their reading skills through structured whole class reading sessions which introduce children to a range of text types (both fiction and non-fiction) that link to other areas of the curriculum, teach key skills and probe children’s understanding. Alongside this, we use Accelerated Reader to give children the opportunity to delve into new books independently whilst building reading speed and fluency.

Throughout all strands of English, ICT is used to engage, enthuse, present and document the children’s learning. 

Staff at Denbigh know that good English occurs in our school when: 

  • It is led by the children, interests them and is memorable to them.
  • Children are talking, laughing, engaged and enjoying English through a range of interactive and practical activities.
  • Children are actively involved in their own learning, asking questions, looking for the answers and planning their own writing.
  • English is differentiated and inclusive with children making progress throughout the lesson and genre study.
  • Good quality assessment and Assessment for Learning is used to inform planning and builds on children’s prior learning.
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This week Elephants have been doing lots of cross curricular learning. In Topic we are studying Romans and are currently learning all about Boudicca. We are going to use this knowledge in English to help us in our hot write, in which we will write a biography all about this historical figure. We have been using our explorer and Computing skills to carry out research into key questions. Today in English we created mind maps that will help us complete our planning. They looked brilliant! #dcpselephant #dcpsenglish #dcpshistory #dcpsictforlearning #dcpscomputing #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 Tigers have been working extremely hard to revise skills and techniques over the past few weeks. We made the most of the sun last week and took this revision outside. I have been so proud of their determination and resilience during the last few weeks, and especially last week during SATs week. #DCPStiger #dcpscore #dcpsenglish #dcpsmaths #dcpslotc ... See MoreSee Less

Year 4 Giraffes have been working hard today applying Computing, History and English skills to complete research into Boudicca to help us with our hot writes next week. We spent the lesson considering the sub headings we will use in our reports and then used our iPads to help find the relevant facts. #dcpsgiraffe #dcpsenglish #dcpshistory #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 3 had great fun in#dcpsenglish practising using show not tell to explain how a character is feeling. Can you guess which emotions we are showing in each picture? #dcpsturtle #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 3 Lizards became actors and actresses on Friday! We used our WAGOLL of an adventure story and worked with a partner to act out a paragraph. This helped us to realise you don’t always have to tell how someone is feeling in writing, you can show it! #dcpscore #dcpsenglish #dcpslizard ... See MoreSee Less

Year 4 Giraffes have continued to develop their SPaG skills this week to help with their Talk for Writing unit. We have been thinking about apostrophes and how we use them in our writing to show possession and contractions. We created a rule mat to follow and then used this to rewrite sentences correctly. #dcpsgiraffe #dcpsenglish #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

The latest instalment in our mystery book had the boy’s unguarded treasures (specks) being stolen. We were shocked to see this chaos that met us yesterday morning with our own specks missing!!!
We duly completed crime scene reports detailing the incident and listing potential suspects and their motives.
Today, just like the boy in the story, we made guardians to help protect our specks from further danger. We are sure they’ll be safe now 🤞🏻
#dcpsdinosaur #dcpsenglish#dcpscore
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William thought this was amazing! He was so serious while telling us about the crime scene and the mess in the classroom 😳 😂

Louise Schofield this is what Bobby would of been talking about xx

Following on from the ‘break in’ in the Dragon class yesterday morning , today we made guardians to protect our precious specks in case this happens again! They must be very important. After we made our own guardian, we wrote instructions on how to make the perfect guardian angel! #dcpsdragon #dcpscore #dcpsenglish ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday the Dragons got a shock first thing in the morning! Our classroom was such a mess. It looks like someone from our mystery book has came along and stolen the specks we were looking after. We will solve the crime and protect the specks 🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️ we will keep you updated! #dcpsdragon #dcpscore #dcpsenglish ... See MoreSee Less

Year 4 Giraffes have been working hard on their talk for writing unit this week in English. We have been using our WAGOLL to create a map of the biography, we will use this to write our own biography in a couple of weeks. #dcpsgiraffe #dcpsenglish #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

This week Y2 have started reading a mystery book - the mystery is that we don’t know what the title is. In the book a boy finds a strange old box and oddly enough a box which fit the same description appeared in the classroom. The Dinos worked together to put on their De Bono thinking hats and consider what they knew about the box and whether or not it would be a good idea to open it. Great networking by all #dcpsdinosaur #dcpsenglish #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 1 Panda Class were so determined during our Common Exception Words lesson in English. Common exception words are extremely tricky and we have to learn them through lots of practise. The children took part in a carousel of activities supporting them to read and spell some common exception words. Well done, Pandas! #dcpspanda #dcpsenglish #dcpsreading #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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