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Remote Learning



What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free application which allows teachers and students to communicate and can be used to organise and manage learning tasks. It forms part of Google’s G Suite for Education which our school uses to enable distance learning. It will help you manage learning at home at this challenging time. Click on the image below to find out more. 

Your child’s remote learning experience. 


Your child has been assigned to a Google Classroom that is organised by their class teacher. Every school day the teacher will upload assignments and learning materials to reflect a normal school day. Your child will be taught the same curriculum as they would receive in school wherever possible. If a lesson would require specialist resources, we will adapt our planning or reschedule a lesson for later in the year when your child has returned to school. 

Your child’s remote education (including remote teaching and independent work) will take pupils broadly three hours each day in Key Stage One and four hours per day in Key Stage 2. 



Your child should log in to their Google Classroom using their username and password (see support sheet for help). From here they can access a series of assignments and learning materials to support their remote learning experience. 


We will use a combination of teaching and learning strategies to support your child’s learning experience including (but not exclusively);


  • Online recorded lessons
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Online worksheets
  • Online website resources Eg Mathletics, Spelling Shed, 
  • Video Clips Eg Youtube


If you or your child can not access their Google Classroom please contact the class teacher. 


Once your child has gained access to their Google Classroom they should read their assignment and access the learning materials, complete the assignments and return them to the class teacher (see support sheet for help). All assignments are set with a due date. 


Marking and Feedback


Once your child’s assignment has been submitted the teacher will be able to see the work that your child has completed. 


Teachers will then look at your child’s learning and respond with feedback in the form of a grade or private comment. 


The marking and feedback your child receives will depend on the assignment that has been assigned. Eg quizzes will be assigned a mark while writing may have a private comment which offers support or challenge to the work produced by your child. 


Teacher Support

Your child’s teacher will try to support your child with their remote learning through the provision of learning materials to support their assignment and through comments. If your child needs further support please use the comments section on the assignments to ask questions.


Teaching staff will try to respond as quickly as they can (teachers can only respond during school hours).


Technical Support


If you are unable to access your child’s remote learning then please contact your child’s class teacher or the school immediately. The school will also contact you if we notice that your child has not accessed their remote learning to support you in overcoming any barriers to their remote learning experience. 

As a school, we will endeavour to provide your child with electronic devices through our loan scheme and where possible support you with wifi connectivity to ensure access to our online learning.


Telephone: 01912622509





Children are expected to complete the work set by the class teacher unless they are unable to complete the learning due to illness or family circumstances. If your child if having difficulties then please contact your child’s class teacher so we can support you and discuss your circumstance. 


Your child’s class teacher will review your child’s engagement daily. If we are concerned about a lack of engagement from your child, you will receive a phone call from school so that we can support you and discuss any help required to ensure that your child’s education is not suffering as a result of your child’s isolation. 


Children with additional needs


We will work closely with children and the parents of children with additional needs to provide them with additional support during times of self isolation. This will include the continuation of any specialist SEN programmes and recorded lessons where possible. Regular phone calls will be made by class teachers to the parents and children that are identified by school as having additional needs

Denbigh Community Primary School Remote Learning Policy


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