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Nurture Group

NurtureGroupDenbigh’s Nurture group is managed by Mrs Kirsty Bird with assistance from Mrs Jackie Young. The aim of our group is to provide a flexible and preventative resource which is responsive to the particular needs of the children attending our school. We support children emotionally and socially while encouraging good behaviour, enabling the child to access the curriculum and participate fully in school life.

We provide a secure and reliable environment where children can learn to behave appropriately, use their curiosity constructively, improve their self-esteem and develop confidence through close and trusting relationships with adults. For this to work effectively, we work in partnership with class teachers and parents to enable consistency of approach, both at home and at school.

Our Nurture programme runs for a total of ten weekly sessions. There are three Nurture sessions per week covering; Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6. Sessions are an hour long with a break in between. During the sessions the children do a range of activities based on the following themes; Listening, Empathy, Trust, Choices, Problem-solving, Self-identity and Self-Esteem, Expression of feelings and opinions and Working together. Activities include playing games, listening and responding to stories, baking, arts and crafts, drama and the most favoured of all… looking after our recently acquired school pets! With the help of the children, we have recently transformed the school garden into a fantastic, vibrant, learning outdoor area which also houses the school pets! We have two guinea pigs – Patch and Barney, two rabbits – Minnie and Millie and three chickens – Dora, Doris and Dolly!

All children who attend Nurture group thoroughly enjoy their time with us and can’t wait until their next session, as do Mrs Young and I!

Mrs Kirsty Bird Behaviour and Education Support Manager

Denbigh Primary School