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Breakfast Club


Our Energy Club (Breakfast Club)

Every morning Monday to Thursday 20 young children from Year 1 to Year 3 take part in sporting activities during Breakfast Club, this is our ‘Energy Club’. It has been set up to allow the children to try new activities and stay healthy. This is an exciting new challenge for the children to take part in!

The children complete activities from their own Energy Club booklets. In the booklets children to log the activities they have been doing, what they have eat and how many hours of exercise they have done outside of the club. These tally up to give the children ‘Energy points’.

As the days go by you can really see the improvement and development of the children. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their involvement in this club!


“The reason I like Energy Club with Mr Smith is because the games we play are enjoyable and allow me to keep fit. I enjoy the interaction of the games as you are always on the move and involved at all times. I like when we complete the Energy Club booklets as this allows us to keep records of the hours of physical activity we have completed.” Alisha Cannon, Year 3.

also a time to show off their ICT skills to Mrs Young, who is learning an awful lot from the younger generation! (Yeah, but they never let me win!)

Each Friday is ‘Cinema Friday’ where all children watch a dvd of their choice on the big screen. No matter how much we beg we never get to choose the films we want! I mean seriously, what is wrong with ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Calamity Jane’?!!!

Mrs Bird and Mrs Young

Denbigh Primary School