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Last week Reception had some special visitors in as part of the science topic.
We have been looking at Bonfire Night, night time animals and how to care for certain creatures during the fireworks, so Rob from Zoolab introduced us to some friends to support our learning.
The children were extremely brave (even more so that the adults!) and either looked at, stroked or held the animals one at a time.
We were lucky to discover and meet 2 African snails called Turbo and Shelly, a slithery corn snake, Tallulah the Tarantula, a salamander and 2 rats. Miss Blain even had a hold of the snake! (Unfortunately there was no picture evidence of this but I did…I swear! Haha)
We learnt a lot of interesting facts about each creature and were grossed out by the fact that Tallulah the Tarantula shoots hairs off her bum when she is scared and that a snail’s poo will turn different colours depending on what it eats! YAK!!
Finally, we found out how we can keep the animals safe during this time of year, asked final questions to Rob and washed our hands of any icky sticky goo our friends may have left us!

We had a ‘snail’ of a time!


For stem week the nursery children explored changing state. They participated in various cooking activities observing and commenting on the changes as different ingredients were added when making play dough. They also observed the changes that occur during the cooking process as they watched as their moon buns rose in the oven due to the heat.

We created our own moon sand as we mixed corn flour with shampoo and shaving foam. This meant that they could mould the shaving foam into different shapes and it would hold that shape. The children enjoyed this sensory experience commenting on the texture and smell from the shampoo and shaving foam.

Year 1

Year 1 had an electrifying STEM week learning all about light and dark. We became experts at identifying light sources and can tell you if a light source is natural or man-made. We had loads of fun exploring with torches and lights in the dark area and did some super work all about Bonfire Night. We had a full day learning all about electricity and the dangers that can occur. We also learnt how to make a circuit using a battery, a bulb and some wires.

Year 2

Year 2 became scientists and inventors in our latest STEM topic while we investigated different materials. To kick start the week we looked at what materials everyday items are made of. It took many of us by surprise to discover that tin foil is made from metal and that some objects can be made from different materials for different purposes! We were then challenged by Lily the Lollipop lady to find her a material which would be suitable for making a waterproof hood. We had great fun testing lots of different things before we decided that either bubble wrap or plastic would be the wisest choice. Ask to see our letters which we wrote back to her explaining what we found out. Later in the week we used this information when deciding on what clothes to pack when going on holiday to a particular destination or what clothes to wear depending on what activity a person was doing. We needed not only to think about what the clothes were made of but also why they were ideal for the job. Tricky stuff at times!
We wrapped up our learning with a day devoted to all things plastic. We learned where plastic comes from, how it is made and how it can be recycled into new things. Our creative side came into play when we invented a new use for an object. It’s called up cycling and we discovered there are lots of things you can do with a jam jar or a tin can after it has been emptied and cleaned. One of our ideas was to use tin cans as lamp shades. Of course we had to add on a pattern to make it more interesting.

What a busy week! Looking forward to the next one.

Year 2

On Friday we dressed up as superheroes for Children in Need. We all brought in a donation for this to give to the children. We were all dressed as our favourite characters to help support the charity. During the day we did some activities involving Pudsey the bear to help us to remember why this day is important. We even got to make our own Pudsey masks to wear. At the end of the day the whole school gathered in the hall to do a catwalk. Each class took it in turn to walk or dance or strut their stuff down the middle of the hall to our favourite songs (including the teachers). For some of us it was the first Denbigh catwalk we have done. Some of us were a bit scared to perform in front of the whole school but we used our resiliant learning muscle to overcome our fears. Our favourite part of the day was the catwalk because we got to show off our best dance moves to everyone and we got to laugh at the teachers.

Year 3

During STEM week Year 3 learned all about ‘Our Bodies’ both inside and out. We know all about the skeletal system and can name and label some of our bones – some of us even made life size skeletons! If you need any advice on healthy eating then look no further, we are experts in Year 3. We have written reports, sorted foods into healthy and unhealthy, created healthy party menus and even designed board games to teach people how to be healthy!

Year 4

Year four have been learning all about the digestive system this week during STEM. We have learned all about the organs in the digestive system, including their functions. We even got to build our own digestive system out of junk modelling! To investigate the muscles that help move our food through the digestive system we experimented with Weetabix and tights! There was lots of mess but we loved this investigation- using our hands to push the mushy Weetabix through the tight! To end our week we learned all about the different teeth that animals have. We compared the functions of the teeth and  learned about how to keep our teeth healthy and free from decay! On Thursday there were a lot of blue tongues and teeth as we used disclosing tablets to check where we might miss when brushing out teeth! Great fun was had by all and we learned lots of fascinating facts!

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