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Design Technology @ Denbigh CPS

Subject Lead: Mrs Gulston

Design Technology (DT) at Denbigh is taught through designated DT weeks, which are undertaken termly. Staff teach children a range of skills that are progressive across the age range of the children.

In Foundation Stage, learning objectives are taken from the Early Years Outcomes, usually from the strand of Expressive Arts and Design.  Staff use the objectives they feel the children will need to cover to develop their key skills until they reach the Early Learning Goal. This is done through continuous provision and through targeted teaching based around a theme or topic.

In KS1 and KS2, staff allocate objectives across the year, using appropriate curriculum coverage based on need and key skills. The tasks are made to support the topic area e.g. a Tudor house, Egyptian headdress or Victorian bridges. This helps the children to develop a deeper understanding of their topic knowledge via the practical aspect of Design Technology.

At Denbigh we use a variety of teaching and learning styles in order to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. We provide children with opportunities to experiment and explore a range of media and tools, in order to make discoveries for themselves. We provide guidance through specific teaching of a range of techniques and use tools, as is appropriate, to the age and stage of development of the children.

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Year 6 Tigers have worked extremely hard this week to complete their DT week and make their Christmas baubles. Measuring, carefully cutting, adding decoration and learning new sewing skills has resulted in some fantastic Christmas baubles. Miss Stephenson #DCPStiger #dcpscore #dcpsdt #dcpsart ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday to end DT week the Dragons designed and created their own diamond kites. They had to design their own and follow that design. They have worked so hard all week and created AMAZING kites that they are super proud of. Well done Dragons! #dcpsdragon #dcpsdt #dcpsart #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

🎶“Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height. Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring....”🎶
Well maybe not soaring, but definitely fluttering (the downside of making kites in a week where there is no wind - how did the typical rubbish British weather let us down?)
#dcpsdinosaur #dcpsdt #dcpscore
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This week the dinos have become expert kite makers. Yesterday we designed and made diamond kites. We measured the frame carefully before cutting. Thanks to our sensible attitude no fingers were harmed while sawing wood. The finished products are amazing.
#dcpsdinosaur #dcpsdt #dcpscore
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The dinos tried out their diamond kites today. Great fun!
#dcpsdinosaur #dcpsdt #dcpscore
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The Whales finished their DT projects all about creating their own Viking Longboats. They used saws to create their deck frame out of wood, used techniques to strengthen their structures and then decorated the sides of the boat. They had to construct a mast and sail to add to it too! They were fantastic. Well done! #dcpswhale #dcpscore #dcpsdt ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 Lions learnt how to code a Micro:bit today to make it either write a Christmas message, play a song or light up, which then went inside their musical entertainment Christmas box. They worked really hard today and mastered this coding (which was originally designed for year 7!) They had to create an ebook with their work, which included writing, photographs and videoing both themselves modelling how to code and their final product. I think you agree, a lot of skills in one day! #dcpslion #dcpscomputing #dcpsdt #dcpscore #dcpsmaths #dcpsart #dcpsmusic ... See MoreSee Less

Carp kite flying with Year 2 Dragons. #dcpsdragon #dcpsdt #dcpsart ... See MoreSee Less

In DT week this week the Dragons have been making kites. Today we made carp kites and with the rubbish weather we had to be creative when we tested them. Video to follow. #dcpsdragon #dcpsdt #dcpsart #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

We have had a busy few days in Year 5 designing and making our Viking longboats as part of our DT project. We used the saws to create a wooden base and used a range of strengthening techniques to ensure our longboats were sturdy. We then decorated them in a style similar to the Vikings. They look amazing! #dcpsdolphin #dcpscore #dcpsdt ... See MoreSee Less

Today in Elephants we finished our lightboxes. We think they look amazing and are so proud of how hard we worked to make them. #dcpselephant #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 Lions are having a fantastic day so far. They have been designing their musical entertainment Christmas box, using lots of measuring, design, technology, team working and communication skills. We have snowmen, reindeers, Christmas trees and presents. They are currently learning how to code their Micro:bit ready to add in their coding to the decoration. Watch out for their final designs later on. #dcpslion #dcpscomputing #dcpsdt #dcpscore #dcpsmaths #dcpsart ... See MoreSee Less

Our carp kites look amazing and thanks to a little bit of thinking outside of the box we got to test them despite the foul weather.
#dcpsdinosaur #dcpsdt #dcpscore
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Today the dinos are creating some carp kites. The weather isn’t looking too favourable for kite flying but we hope it’ll clear up later 🤞🏻
#dcpsdinosaur #dcpsdt #dcpscore
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Day 2 of DT in Elephants today. We moved on the the design and making of our light boxes. We have created the space for our translucent design and painted the boxes. Tomorrow we will start putting it all together. We can’t wait to see how they turn out. #dcpselephant #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

This week the dinos are learning about kites as part of their DT. So far we have looked at the history of kites and why they all look different. Today we experimented with different materials, thinking about which material would be best to make a kite from. We tested strength, flexibility and waterproofness. Ask us about our results. #dcpsdinosaur #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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The concentration face 🤣

Year 6 Tigers have had a great day working with Mr Brown (an ICT wizard) to make a Christmas themed entertainment box. They coded their microbit to play a Christmas tune as well as show a Christmas themed message. Watch this space for their final videos. Miss Stephenson #DCPStiger #dcpscore #dcpscomputing #dcpsdt #dcpsstem #dcpsart #dcpsmusic ... See MoreSee Less

Giraffes have had such a fantastic DT week so far! They have investigated different types of lights, explored circuits and even started carefully designing and making their own light boxes! They look amazing! #dcpsgiraffe #dcpscore #dcpsdt ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 Lions have had a fantastic day creating their baubles for their DT week. There are some fantastic baubles! Superb sewing skills too! #dcpslion #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 3 kicked off our DT work by looking at photo frames and making a prototype of the frame we would like to make. We have tried techniques of strengthening a product before we make our final frame.

#dcpsdt #dcpsyear3 #dcpslizard #dcpsturtle
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Elephants have had a great start to our DT week. We are designing and making light boxes. Today we learned all about different signs and how they work. We then had a go building circuits. We had to think carefully about how to create an enclosed circuit so the electricity could flow and light the bulb. We even had a go with resistors and LEDs. We’re looking forward to designing tomorrow! #dcpselephant #dcpsdt #dcpsstem #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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