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P.E Mission Statement

At Denbigh Community Primary School we recognise the importance of children leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  We promote children of all PE abilities to develop their skills across a wide range of activities; and to actively take part in competition to become the best that they can physically be.  We believe that resilience, determination and sportsmanship underpin all physical activities and are vital skills for the leaders of the future.

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More fantastic Netball skills from Elephants this week. We were learning how to pass and move so we could build a good attacking game. We worked so hard and our passing skills are getting better and better. Great job Elephants! #dcpselephant #dcpspe #dcpscore #yourschoolgames ... See MoreSee Less

Reception loved PE this morning, warming up with fun games of ‘Rabbits and Foxes’ and ‘Beans’. We then practised balancing bean bags on different parts of our body and then finished off with throwing/catching skills independently and then with our friends. #dcpsladybird #dcpsbutterfly #dcpsEYFS #dcpsPE ... See MoreSee Less

Last week, Year 6 enjoyed creating their own obstacle courses during their Command Joe session. #dcpslion #dcpscore #dcpspe ... See MoreSee Less

More netball for elephants this week. This week practising shooting techniques, we had to think about how we hold the ball and how we prepare ourselves to shoot. We worked really hard and definitely improved during the lesson. Great work elephants! #dcpselephant #dcpspe #dcpscore #yourschoolgames ... See MoreSee Less

Elephants enjoyed their netball session today. We were developing our passing and catching skills, thinking about how we could protect the ball and work well as a team to score the most points. #dcpselephant #dcpspe #dcpscore #yourschoolgames ... See MoreSee Less

The Whales have been using their communication and problem solving skills in their Commando Joe sessions over the past 2 weeks. They got stuck into many tasks, such as recording facts from memory about the famous explorer Leif Erickson and travelling safely in their Viking longships. #dcpswhale #dcpscore #dcpspe #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Over the last 2 weeks, Year 6 Tigers have had a fantastic time with NUFC and their Commando Joe lessons. With their focus being Amelia Earhart and her advances in relation to flight and air travel, they have been planning and building their own plane and thinking about how they can work together to create the best structure. Miss Stephenson #DCPStiger #dcpscore #dcpspe #dcpspshe ... See MoreSee Less

Year 1 Polar Bears have been working so hard at home, completing all of their home learning. We are so proud of them!

Well done Polar Bears 🙂

#dcpspolarbear #dcpsenglish #dcpsmaths #dcpsre #dcpspe
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Year 1 Panda class have been completing some FANTASTIC home learning. This is only a small fraction of the work that is being submitted. We are so proud of you! #dcpspanda #dcpsmaths #dcpsenglish #dcpsre #dcpspe #dcpsstem ... See MoreSee Less

Year 5 Dolphins have been enjoying their Commando Joe sessions. Today they had to transport different products from their Viking longboats onto dry land using their problem-solving and communication skills. #dcpsdolphin #dcpslotc #dcpspe #dcpsstem #dcpshistory #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

We have been working on our throwing and catching skills in PE to start off our Netball unit this half term. I don’t think many of us dropped the ball! Great work giraffes. #dcpsgiraffe #dcpspe #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Y6 are enjoying their Commando Joe lessons on a Monday. So far they have learnt how to communicate using signals, thought about flight, looked at how they could build an aeroplane and found out lots of interesting things about Amelia Earhart. #dcpslion #dcpslotc #dcpspe #dcpsstem #dcpshistory #dcpstopic #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

This week we have been exploring the nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle little star as well as learning all about fireworks. We have made firework pictures, counted stars, jumped off benches like fireworks and learnt the Makaton signs for fireworks and twinkle twinkle. We used ribbons to pretend to be fireworks and made fantastic firework sounds! While outside we’ve started to explore our new fantastic outside area. What a busy week!
#dcpscaterpillar #dcpsoutdoorlearning #dcpspe #dcpsart #dcpsmaths
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Year 3 having fun practising chest pass in netball #dcpsturtle #dcpspe ... See MoreSee Less

This week in Nursery we learnt all about caterpillars. We started off by talking about what we already know about caterpillars and thanks to the hungry caterpillar story we knew some important facts already. During the week we watched videos about real life caterpillars and drew pictures talking about what we had seen. We also shared information books and found out about real caterpillars.
Some of the children matched the real life caterpillars looking at each picture, talking about what they looked like and if we liked them.
At the end of the week we explored the HUGE track around the school field and took our bikes out to ride around it #dcpscaterpillar #dcpsliteracy #dcspscience #dcpspe
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Michelle Donnison Amy Leigh

Year 4 giraffes have worked so hard this half term in their Dance PE unit! They have come up with some fantastic superhero routines that include freeze frames, cannon and a range of different rolls, jumps and poses. Look at us go! #dcpsgiraffe #dcpscore #dcpspe ... See MoreSee Less

Elephants were perfecting their superhero dance routines in P.E today. They have worked really hard this term and showed their skills off with some fantastic ideas. They used formation, canon and freeze frames to bring variety to their performances. #dcpselephant #dcpspe #dcpscore #yourschoolgames ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 have been learning hockey skills this half term. They are getting quite good with their stick work and passing skills. #dcpslion #dcpspe ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 Lions enjoyed problem solving during their Commando Joe session on Monday. They showed great teamwork skills and plenty of resilience! #dcpslion #dcpspe #dcpstopic #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

This week in their Commando Joe session, the Year 6 Tigers worked as a team to build a strategy to break another team’s code. They had to think smartly and communicate with one another to try to beat all of the other teams. We thoroughly enjoyed this and were keen to create the most complex code. #dcpspe #dcpstopic #dcpstiger Miss Stephenson ... See MoreSee Less

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