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Learning Outside the Classroom @ Denbigh CPS

Learning Outside the Classroom

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Year 2 Dragons have been working hard during their NUFC session, from great balancing practise a few weeks ago to some boys vs girls activities. They always have to follow instructions, work as a team and try their best! #dcpsdragon #dcpscore #dcpslotc #dcpspe ... See MoreSee Less

Year 5 Dolphins have been working hard during our Commando Joe sessions. Today we had to use problem solving and logical thinking to move from one place to another, following a strict set of rules. We had to all work as a team and always try and think two steps ahead! #dcpsdolphin #dcpscore #dcpslotc #dcpspe ... See MoreSee Less

Year 4 took their maths outside today. To complete our data and statistics unit we had a go at graphing. We made a bar graph to show the months we were born, thinking about our axis labels and title. Then we had a go at creating line graphs using temperature data over 5 days. #dcpselephant #dcpsgiraffe #dcpsmaths #dcpslotc #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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Year 6 were using their English skills in order to find out information about Amelia Earhart, run as fast as they could and share the facts with their team. They are using their teamwork skills to create a presentation to share with the class. Thank you to Phoebe for being our official photographer. #dcpslion #dcpscore #dcpspe #dcpstopic #dcpshistory #dcpsenglish #dcpslotc ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 were showing determination and resilience when working together during our Commando Joe session. #dcpslion #dcpscore #dcpspe #dcpslotc #dcpstopic #dcpshistory ... See MoreSee Less

The Whales had a great session with Commando Joe this week. They had to apply their knowledge of the Vikings to imagine the obstacles they might have had to overcome during their travels overseas. The children had to create a circuit to replicate a difficult journey in the sea. They applied their communication and problem solving skills very well #dcpswhale #dcpscore #dcpslotc #dcpshistory ... See MoreSee Less

Year 3 are having a fantastic Stone Age day. We have spent the morning outside cooking porridge and fish on the fire, den building and lighting our own fires using flint. This afternoon we have been learning about Stonehenge and built our own out of Bourbon biscuits.
#dcpsyear3 #dcpslizard #dcpshistory #dcpslotc #dcpstopic
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The Nursery children have loved exploring our new outdoor area. They demonstrating their confidence and determination as they walked across the rope ladder and showed off their fantastic balancing skills as they walked along our balancing beam. The children have loved making potions in the mud kitchen and exploring our giant sand pit. We have been so impressed by how kind all the children have been in taking turns on our balance bikes. Well done! #dcpscaterpillar #dcpseyfs #dcpslotc ... See MoreSee Less

Year 5 Dolphins have been enjoying their Commando Joe sessions. Today they had to transport different products from their Viking longboats onto dry land using their problem-solving and communication skills. #dcpsdolphin #dcpslotc #dcpspe #dcpsstem #dcpshistory #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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