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Maths @ Denbigh CPS

The Maths curriculum at Denbigh strives to equip children with the number and problem solving skills that they will need to succeed in, and beyond their school years. We use a variety of teaching and learning skills to support our children’s learning throughout the Maths curriculum which encompasses calculation methods, measure, fractions, data handling, shape, counting and using and applying skills in real life contexts.

Our staff aim to enthuse and inspire a love of Maths through a range of activities which include practical Maths sessions, providing children with relevant problem solving opportunities and supporting children to see how Maths is woven throughout our everyday lives.

A cross curricular approach to Maths is in place to allow children have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in Maths lessons through other areas, such as STEM, Topic, Art, DT etc. Educational trips work alongside our Maths curriculum to support the teaching and learning, and give children real-life experiences to draw on in school.

From Years 1 to 4 the children are taught using the Maths No Problem scheme of work which allows children to develop their thinking and reasoning skills from the off. Every day a lesson begins with an anchor task (a hook) which prompts the children to think and discuss how a solution to the problem can be reached. All the methods the children suggest are given due consideration before we explore the most efficient method to use. The children then practice the required skill before applying this in solving more problems and challenges. Lessons build upon previous skills taught to ensure children have a secure knowledge of all areas of maths and can use a range of calculation methods fluently. In Years 5 and 6 teachers follow a similar lesson structure but plan their own activities for the children to undertake. In KS2 Maths lessons are ‘set’ so that all learners are accessing Maths at their level with support and challenge built in throughout. Children of all ages are challenged to extend their learning and to ensure they can reason about number. Indeed a great deal of Maths lessons involve a lot of discussion, giving children the opportunity to share their thinking and explain how they reached a conclusion. At Denbigh we feel that ‘a quiet Maths lesson is a suspicious Maths lesson’. We actively encourage our pupils to discuss, to question, to debate, to reason and to consider ‘what if?’.

Throughout all strands of Maths, ICT is used to engage, enthuse, present and document the children’s learning.

Staff at Denbigh know that good Maths occurs in our school when:

  • It is led by the children, interests them and is memorable to them.
  • Children are talking, laughing, engaged and enjoying Maths through a range of interactive and practical activities.
  • Children are actively involved in their own learning, asking questions, looking for the answers and keen to challenge themselves further.
  • Maths is differentiated and inclusive with children making progress throughout the lesson.
  • Good quality assessment and Assessment for Learning is used to inform planning and builds on children’s prior learning.

If you would like to support your child with their learning journey, then please take the time to read our ‘Maths Parents Booklets’. For more information please ask to speak to Mrs Candlish.

EYFS Parent Maths Booklet

Y1 Parent Maths Booklet

Y2 Parent Maths Booklet

Y3 Parent Maths Booklet

Y4 Parent Maths Booklet

Y5 and 6 Parent Maths Booklet

3 weeks ago

Denbigh Community Primary School

Year 4 have been doing their own data collection today and making bar charts using ICT #dcpsgiraffes #dcpselephants #ICT4Learning #dcpsmaths ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Denbigh Community Primary School

Year 2 Dinos enjoyed making their own weights today by measuring out rice using scales. It was tricky getting it dead on but we managed it.
#dcpsdinosaurs #dcpsmaths
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4 weeks ago

Denbigh Community Primary School

Year 5 are working hard finding out all the prime numbers to 100. There are lots of mathematical discussions taking place. Well done Year 5.#dcpswhales #dcpsdolphins #dcpsmaths ... See MoreSee Less

Year 5 are working hard finding out all the prime numbers to 100. There are lots of mathematical discussions taking place. Well done Year 5.#dcpswhales #dcpsdolphins #dcpsmathsImage attachmentImage attachment
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