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Our C.O.R.E Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum Design

Our curriculum has been carefully designed, planned and organised to ensure that our children’s needs are at the heart of our curriculum.


It is our firm belief that the substance of our education prepares children well for the challenges they will face in life and at the next stage of their education.

Denbigh’s curriculum is based on the fundamental principle that every child will achieve the highest possible outcomes in their academic and personal development. It is for this reason that we have developed our ‘CORE’ curriculum.

When planning each topic/area, we start by looking at the standard we expect every child to achieve and what deep level learning looks like. Learning experiences are then planned to ensure that every child stands the best possible chance of achieving this.


We believe that our curriculum and the use of our ‘CORE’ learning will not only provide our pupils with a knowledge and understanding of the National Curriculum but will deliver children with challenging, engaging and stimulating opportunities to apply their learning. Therefore, ensuring children deepen their knowledge and understanding.


By creating a comprehensive and robust curriculum we can use a cross curricular approach to add depth and purpose to our learning. We expect the standards of our learning to be demonstrated equally across core (English, Maths and Science) and foundation subjects (Art, Computing, P.E, Design Technology, Geography, History, Music, R.E, P.S.H.E, M.F.L). 

Within foundation subjects,  the main learning outcome must relate to the subject being studied but the children will have opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding from core subjects.


Having reviewed the needs of our children, we developed our C.O.R.E curriculum. The CORE curriculum ensures that all subjects are taught with the pupils needs in mind. Every subject must provide CORE learning.

C – Communication (Opportunities for Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing).

O – Opportunities for Challenge (Effectively using data tracking to challenge pupils).

R – Reasoning (Use and apply learning through logic, deduction and induction).  

E – Experiences (Provide meaningful, interactive learning opportunities).

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of every pupil in our school.
When designing our curriculum, we carefully look at the needs of every child/group and tailor the curriculum to deliver what best meets their needs and how they learn most effectively.
Every child’s progress is carefully monitored and tracked and action taken immediately if progress is not as expected.


Our careful curriculum design and planning means that we build in many opportunities for repetition and practise opportunities for essential knowledge, skills and understanding in every subject. This ensures that children are able to revisit previous learning, which allows them to gradually develop a deeper understanding of the skills and processes within subjects, at their own pace and in the best possible way for each individual child throughout their years at Denbigh.

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Year 2 Dragons are having an amazing afternoon with Richard - That History Bloke. We have been looking at Victorian artefacts to help us understand what it was like to live over 100 years ago. We have even been lucky enough to hold them and try some of them on! We have also been learning about Victorian jobs. This is getting us ready (and very excited) for our Quayside trip next week. #dcpsdragons #dcpshistory #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

DT week - sandwich making #dcpsdt #dcpsturtles #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Our gorgeous Y5 Dolphins are really enjoying Miss Bird’s lunchtime reading club. #dcpsenglish #dcpscore #dcpsdolphins ... See MoreSee Less

Our gorgeous Y5 Dolphins are really enjoying Miss Bird’s lunchtime reading club. #dcpsenglish #dcpscore #dcpsdolphins

Our C.O.R.E values at Denbigh #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Our C.O.R.E values at Denbigh #dcpscore

Our amazing Year 3 have been using their iPads to video their gymnastic routines and provide feedback to each other on how to improve - excellent leadership. #dcpspe #dcpsict4learning #dcpscore #yourschoolgames #dcpsturtles #dcpslizards @AppleEDU ... See MoreSee Less

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Well done Benjamin 😊

Year 5 Whales have had a great afternoon completing their DT unit of biscuits. We had to complete our biscuits with the design that we had created ,a king sure that it met the design specification that we had been given! Mrs Gulston #dcpswhale #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 5 Dolphins loved making biscuits on Friday as part of our DT unit. We had to measure ingredients carefully and follow a step by step recipe. The best part was eating them after of course! We definitely have some future bakers here.. watch out Great British Bake Off! #dcpsdolphin #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Fun in the sun this morning. Dragons having a go at their spellings outside today. #dcpsdragons #dcpsenglish #dcpslotc #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

The next two groups of children visited the woods yesterday. The weather was lovely and Autumn is I full force. We loved exploring, looking for leaves and conkers. Then in the afternoon we decided to give hill rolling a go, teachers too! #dcpseyfs #dcpsladybird #dcpsbutterfly #dcpslotc #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

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Children being children and all for free Thankyou for sharing

Last week, the Elephants had to put lots of different skills to the test when looking at electrical systems, signs and light boxes. After designing their product, they created their own light boxes #dcpselephants #dcpsdt #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Some of Year 5 have had a great day at the ‘STEM Bring it on’ event. We were able to learn all about different types of engineering, complete challenges set by different companies and even start to think about possible careers that we may want to do when we leave school. It has been an exhausting but brilliant day! Mrs Gulston #dcpsyear5 #dcpsSTEM #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 5 Whales have been working hard today completing their innovation of their explanation text. We are writing an explanation text about ‘Why dragons are so difficult to train.’ Stay tuned for our hot writes later this week! Mrs Gulston #dcpswhale #dcpsenglish #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 had a great day today at Beamish! We went to find out what life was like for a Victorian child and we are definitely glad we weren’t born at the time! We did however enjoy visiting the sweet shop. We captured lots of evidence on our iPads so we can reflect back in our classroom. #dcpslion #dcpstiger #dcpslotc #dcpsenglish #dcpstopic #dcpshistory #ict4learning #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Our Y4 children found some peace and quiet to concentrate on their reading at our lunchtime club today. #dcpsEnglish #dcpsgiraffes #dcpselephants #dcpscore ... See MoreSee Less

Year 6 Lions had a great time finding out about the function of a truss on a bridge and the different designs that we see on the bridges around us. We decided to make our own and see which was most effective. ‘Truss’ us to do a great job! #dcpslion #dcpsstem #dcpscore Mrs Guy ... See MoreSee Less

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