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March 2013






Year 6 STEM Week

In STEM week Year 6 have been looking at climate change and the effect that carbon emissions have on the world. In particular, we have been looking at how far our food travels and the impact this has on the environment. Did you know that a MacDonald's Big Mac meal is made up from produce that comes from as far as America? We calculated that all the ingredients together traveled a whopping 11,925 miles!!  

We decided that this wasn't good and looked at how we could make our meals better for the environment as well as ourselves. Our challenge was to create a healthy meal that was made from local produce so that our meal had traveled hardly any food miles and was therefore good for the environment. 

We thought long and hard about what we could use and decided that our chickens provided us with great ingredients - eggs!! We looked at what makes a healthy meal and decided that an omelette would fulfill all of the criteria.

We had great fun cooking them with Mrs J Young and Mrs McNally but the best part was definitely the eating! Mmmmmmm.