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March 2013







Year 2 visit the Rising Sun Country Park

On Wednesday Year 2 Dragons and Dinosaurs went to the Rising Sun Country Park on a minibeast hunt.  Even though it was raining it didn't dampen our spirits!  We enjoyed hunting for various minibeasts in their natural habitats.  We saw centipedes, spiders and we're even brave enough to catch a huge slug that nearly filled the pot!  We splodged further into the woods and collected some leaves and plants to make woodland artwork. 

We learned about how some minibeasts live in the pond and went pond dipping to discover them.  We had to be very careful in the rain!  But the rain meant that all of the minibeasts we're floating around and so we're easier to catch in our nets.  All the minibeasts were returned to the safety of their own homes and live to see another day, and another group of child explorers. 

We would like to say a big thank you to our parent helpers who showed great enthusiasm when catching the spiders.