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March 2013





Year 2 go Mexican!

In Geography lessons, Year 2 have been learning about the Mexican culture. They have been looking at the Horta family, a typical Mexican family and learning about their typical day. We were surprised to learn that girls go to school on a morning then help their mum preparing meals and cleaning on an afternoon, while the boys go to school on an afternoon after helping their father on the land in the morning. We were surprised to learn that boys and girls go to school at different times because the school is so small and they can not all fit in at once!

To finish off our Mexican topic, during International Arts Week, we studied a Mexican artist called Pedro Coronel. We looked at his work and liked how he used lots of colour and patterns to create very abstract art. We used batik, pastels, tissue paper, chalk and colouring pens to create our own Pedro Coronel inspired art work. A highlight of the week was tasting traditional Mexican food. We tried nachos, chilli, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, Mexican beans. Some of it was a bit hot and spicy, but most of us enjoyed trying new food!