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March 2013







Year 2 go Around the World!

In our ‘Around the World’ topic we have been looking at different countries. We have been using our map skills to find the location of the different countries on the map, the capital cities, the seas, the continent and other geographical features of the different countries. We have already learnt about Mexico, Italy and Brazil and will finish our topic with developing our knowledge about Iceland (not the shop!).

Miss Peart thinks we need to know about Iceland because of its natural geographical features such as geyers and glaciers, we think it’s because Miss Peart is going on holiday there in the summer and she wants us to plan her day trips! We really enjoyed tasting the different foods from Mexico such as tacos, nachos, guacamole and Mexican rice, but we weren’t so keen on the hot jalapeños! A highlight of our topic has been going to Pizza Express in Jesmond. We learnt how to make a pizza. We kneaded the dough and had to spin it in the air! A few were dropped but luckily Pizza Express had put the dough in the tins ready for us to add the tomato sauce and other toppings to it. We tried different foods while we waited for our pizzas to cook and we all took a pizza home for our tea. __________________________________________________________