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March 2013







The pupils chose the following books: Nurture - Mixed, Office - World Book Day, Nursery - Aliens in Underpants/Pirates Love Underpants, Year 1 - Get Off Our Train, Year 2 - Wishing Chair from the Magic Faraway Tree, Year 3 - Alice in Wonderland/Alice Thorugh the Looking Glass, Year 5 - The Witches and Year 6 - Harry Potter featuring it's very own Cape and Wand.

As part of the schools celebration of World Book Day, each class were set the challenge of creating a reading chair that reflected the text that their class chose to read. Each class showed off their creations in assembly at the end of term.

As you can see we have all been very creative.  Which one is your favourite? '

Year 1
focused on the story Oi! Get off our train by John Burmingham. The Polar Bears designed their chair based on the animal characters from the story. They painted the chair in different animal colours and stuck photos from the book on to re-tell the story. They also hung different animal characters on to the chair to bring it to life.

Children from Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 who attend nurture club decided to decorate their chair with pictures of their favourite books. They also decided to put a photo of each of them on it and a photo of the chickens, rabbits a guinea pigs as they enjoy spending time with them every week.

Year 2 Dragons chose Enid Blyton as their author for world book day. We focused on the adventure stories of 'The wishing chair'. The stories are about two children called Peter and Mollie who buy an antique chair which turns out to be a magical chair that sprouts wings and takes them to wonderful faraway lands. The children encounter gnomes, fairies and all kinds of wonderful creatures who help them on their adventures along the way.

We decided to give our own chair feathered wings so it can fly! We also covered it in our own wishing chair designs and the mythical beings we thought we might meet if our chair was to take off!
Let's start wishing...

Year 2 Dinos focused on The Magic Faraway Tree for World Book day. We decorated our chair with a combination of photos from the day, drawings we did of the main characters and images from the text itself. The chair was painted to resemble a tree with the final flourish being colourful Autumnal leaves twisting and twining their way around the legs and seat.

Year 3 immersed ourselves in the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll during World Book Day 2015. We read the book and took part in different literacy and maths activities. We wrote a setting description which began, As I fell down the Rabbit hole..., where we had to describe what we could see, hear and feel.  After that, we wrote a book review to share our thoughts and recommendations about who the book might be suitable for. We also carried out some Alice in Wonderland based maths word problems which were related to our addition and subtraction curriculum targets. In the afternoon, we wrote speech bubbles to share our opinions of the book. Finally, we enjoyed jam tarts while listening to the sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass. Our chairs reflect our amazing day and we didn't 'lose our heads!'

'Year 4 Giraffes focused on the book 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl on World Book Day.  Our chair incorporates our favourite parts and pictures from the book. We have also added a mix of children's work that was completed on World Book Day.

Year 4/5 Elephants focused on James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl on World Book Day. We spent our day decorating our chair with pictures of ourselves dressed as characters from the book and pictures of the characters themselves. Throughout the day we wrote character descriptions of James' evil aunts, called Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge, wrote a review of the book (which we all loved!) and investigated the different combinations of insect legs we could use to make a given number.  We have even put some of our work on our chair so everyone can see how much fun we had! 

In year 5 we focused on the book 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl. We dressed up as characters from the book, concocted magic spells and rewrote anecdotes of children captured by witch's during World Book Day. Our chair shows photos of our costumes, examples of our writing and illustrations from the book.

Year 5/6 Lions chose the first of the Harry Potter books 'The Philosopher's Stone'. We enjoyed the magical world of wizardry and filled our chair with extracts of the text, photographs of the day and work the children completed themselves. We have some great artists in Lion Class and some children even created their own art work at home! See if you can spot it!

We decided to finish of with a cape to give the chair a wizarding look!

Office Chair 'Mrs Wappat and Mrs Usher did not want to miss out on all of the fun and decided to make their very own chair from the books they enjoy'

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