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March 2013






The Story of Wheat

Have you ever wondered where the flour for our bread comes from?

Mr Thompson from Brockfield Farm near Alnwick visited Year 3 today. He told us all about his farm and what he grows. He showed us the steps it takes to grow wheat. You need to plough the field and then plant the seeds in March. He told us that his seeds are watered by the rain. Slowly, the wheat plants grow and the fields are weeded using a special tractor. In August, the wheat is harvested and the combine harvester separates the seeds from the stalks and the chaff. Did you know that there are about 30 seeds in each ear of wheat? Mr Thompson sells his wheat seeds to the flour mill where they crush the seeds to make flour for bread.

We had a go at crushing the seeds to make flour using a hand mill. We were surprised to see that the flour was white when the seeds were golden brown!

We can't wait to see Mr Thompson again when we visit the Blagdon Farm and Estate in June.