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March 2013







Reception have been very busy lately. As part of STEM last week the Reception children were using their design skills to become mini-chefs and enjoyed making their own bread.

The children mixed up the ingredients and worked hard kneading the bread to the right consistency. After the bread was baked, the children then tasted the bread and had a big discussion about the taste, texture and process. 

Year 1 Pandas and Polar Bears had a super STEM week learning all about animals including humans. We identified and named parts of the human body and talked about the five senses that we have. We learned all about which animals are mammals.

We went out into the garden and drew and labelled the animals. We had lots of fun trying to find minibeasts in the playground and we now know that animals can be grouped into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We know that humans are omnivores! We had a great science week! 

Year 2 were busy bees in their last STEM topic making exciting and interesting explorations about plants and seeds. We started the week by planting some seeds under a range of conditions to find out exactly what a seed needs to make it grow. Our teachers thought that a seed just in water could work - we were doubtful! We reckon a plant needs light, warmth, water and soil to make it grow. Watch this space to find out who was right!

It was surprising to learn that plants come from seeds of all shapes and sizes - some looked like tiny curled up caterpillars. We were amazed to see what these seeds would grow into. The best part of our week was using the hand lenses to get a closer look both at plants and seeds which we then made careful observational drawings of. We ended the week by creating a new species of plant which we named. Our inventions were the most interesting plants you could ever hope to see!

Year 3 have been busy learning all about plants and how we can help them to grow. We now know that plants have 4 main parts and each of these have a different job that they do to keep the plant healthy.

We even decided to try and tidy up the KS2 patio by pulling out all of the weeds and nettles and putting in some new plants that we hope will brighten up the area! Why not have a look and let us know what you think?!

Year 4 Giraffes and Year 4/5 Elephants have just completed our latest STEM topic 'Changing Sound'. We started this topic by going on a sound walk of our school to identify the different sounds in the area. We looked at the sources of these sounds and tried to group them accordingly. We learned all about how sound is produced, including taking a look at sound waves, our ears and investigating how vibrations are responsible for all sounds.

We then thought about how animals have adapted their ears so that they survive in the wild. Finally, we investigated how we can muffle sound by using different materials- this involved a lot of buzzing timers and a lot of fun was had by all! 

Year 5 Whales have been looking at Human Development during STEM week. We have been looked at how unborn babies develop before birth, how our bodies change as we grow older and how we can deal with these changes.

We investigated the relationship between height and feet growth and even experienced what it was like to be parents by looking after our very own flour babies for 72 hours straight! It was a big responsibility but we used out resilient learning muscle not to give up and we solved problems together as we came across them.