Our Anti-Bullying leaflet was created by the school council and the ICT team after consultation with all pupils.

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March 2013





In December Miss Peart was nominated for a Primary Science Teacher of the year award in recognition of her teaching of Science, for leading Science at Denbigh and for mentoring other schools to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark, which Denbigh achieved GOLD last year! Miss Peart was observed teaching a Science lesson and Dinosaurs showed what fantastic scientists they were when the judges watched them investigating the best material to use as a t-bag to make a good cup of tea.

They all impressed the judges so much that Miss Peart was awarded one of the national awards. Last week Rosemary Feasey, a science expert, came to school to present Miss Peart with her certificate and also the prize money of £1000 for Denbigh! Rosemary said that she thought that Denbigh might even be the best school for Science in the world! Miss Peart is looking forward to spending the money on new Science equipment and other exciting things for Science, although we think Miss Guthrie has other ideas and is keen on a whole new summer wardrobe!