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March 2013




Rotten Romans

In Year 3, we began our new topic last week, learning about the Rotten Romans!! We were very fortunate and were able to visit 2 museums in one day; The Great North Museum and Segedunum.

At the Great North Museum, we saw a model of the length of Hadrian’s Wall, learning where it started and ended and finding stations along the wall. We also looked at how Roman Soldiers dressed and what they used as armour and weapons.

At Segedunum, we saw the old site of a settlement from Hadrian’s Wall and explored the old Bath House (even the toilets, eurgh!!).
Can you help us find out any more facts about the Romans?

We had a great time!!

‘The ruins of the Roman buildings were really interesting!’ – James Hills

‘I learnt lots of names of Romans who built Hadrian’s Wall’ – Jack P Richardson