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March 2013




Pizza Perfection at Pizza Express!

Year 2 went all Italian when they visited Pizza Express to try their hand at pizza making. Our latest topic has been learning about different countries in the world and one of them just happened to be Italy! A coincidence? Hmmm the children thought that maybe the teachers engineered it that way so we could go and make pizza. Not that we minded. 

We didn't get to spin any dough on our hands but we did manage to spread on the tomato base (some of us even did it without spoons!), add toppings and see them being cooked in the oven. Did you know that it only takes 4 minutes? Mind the temperature is 371 degrees so that may have something to do with it.

We also had a taste of different ingredients - the peppers went down alright but we weren't very impressed with the olives.

At the end of the morning we all got to take our pizza home for tea. It was delicious. A margherita pizza fit for a queen. It got its name as the queen of Italy loved its simplicity.

Pizza Express Photos