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March 2013





Perfect Pizza

Wednesday 13th March and Thursday 14th March Year 3 popped up to Churchill Community College and into their food technology department. Our noses were instantly assailed with wonderful smells, which got our taste buds going and our brains working overtime trying to guess what we’d be making. We soon found out …. pizzas!
But first we needed to work on our basic skills. To our utter amazement we discovered that claws and bridges are a part of cooking! In fact they are a grip used to help with chopping, cutting and slicing to help keep our precious digits (fingers) out of the way. No fresh meat in our food! After hacking, sorry slicing, our onions up we went on to grate some cheese. To do this we learned you have to pretend you were feeding a horse again to protect your fingers. Finally we got onto the good part choosing our ingredients and creating our masterpieces. Fifteen minutes in the oven and perfection was accomplished. Hot, oozing, cheesy pizzas! Although while they were cooking we did have to do the washing up (take note Mams and Dads)

We had a super time and thank all the staff (and students) for their help. Our pizzas were fantastic – even Anthony’s dog loved his!