Our Anti-Bullying leaflet was created by the school council and the ICT team after consultation with all pupils.

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Assisted Review
March 2013








The children have been working hard to dig out and develop a school pumpkin patch. We have been using a range of tools and have explored the nursery garden in order to find the best patch to dig. The ground has been very hard, so the children have had to use all their strength to dig big holes and prepare the ground for the seeds to be planted after Easter.

We have also participated in Denbigh’s Hoopa – thon which supported this year’s Sports Relief event. The boys and girls were very brave and all took on our obstacle challenge which included a 5m hurdle sprint, hopping over the hot rock spots, balancing the magic bean bag and crawling through the deep, dark tunnel!

Everyone showed sportsmanship and enthusiasm, cheering on their friends as they took part! The Nursery staff were very proud and pleased at how great the children behaved and cannot falter their motivation and support!

Well done!