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March 2013






Year 5 had lots of fun fun learning about 'Living Things' during STEM week. We learned all about the lifecycle of plants and amphibians and we even compared these to the lifecycle of a human! We investigated the habitats of different animals and how many animals have had to adapt to their habitat to help them survive! 

Year 6 have been learning all about living things during STEM week. We have looked at what makes living things similar and different and why it is important that we are able to group and separate things based on similarities and differences. We had great fun using Linnaeus's classification system. Ask us about Kingdom's - they are more than just a fairytale!

Year 3 would like to say a big Thank You to all the grown ups who donated food for our Harvest Festival. We are overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness.

We are also very pleased that the grown ups enjoyed watching the Harvest assembly, bet you're still singing the Harvest Rock and Roll... The teachers can't get it out of their heads! Thank you again for your support!

Year 1 Pandas and Polar Bears

A fantastic STEM week learning all about animals including humans. We know the names of our body parts and can sort objects into 'living' and 'non-living'. We know that we have 5 senses that we use everyday. We had great fun experimenting with jelly to find out which flavour it really was.

All the year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed their first STEM week and we can't wait for our next one. 

Year 2 had a super STEM week learning about animals including humans. Our week started with the human life cycle then we compared this with a frog's life cycle and a butterfly's. We loved having caterpillars in the classroom to watch as they grew and went through each stage of their life cycle.

The children were challenged to find out if taller people have bigger feet and they conducted an investigation within the class to find out (our results showed that yes the taller people do have bigger feet).
We also looked at healthy/unhealthy foods and the different food groups. Now we know what we should eat to ensure we have a balanced diet. As well as this, we looked at the benefits and the effect that exercise has on our bodies by completing a series of 1-minute challenges outdoors. This got our pulses racing and our hearts beating faster.
We have been so busy but it has been non-stop fun and we are already looking forward to our next STEM week!





For STEM week we had magnetic children in Year 3! We were poles in magnets and had to decided who we were attracted to and which children repelled us... We then used this knowledge to write about how a magnet works. We used our investigative skills when facing the challenge of finding out which magnet was the strongest, we carried out a fair test and then presented our findings.

Not only did we complete our own work this week but we also solved a problem for an alien! His space pod needed to reach the planet Zog but he was having problems with finding the correct stretching distance for his elastic bands to fire the pods... He came to the right place for help though as we found out that the perfect stretch was 15cm. Job Done!

We ended our week with a bit of fun with springs. We wrote a character description for Zebedee (all you grown ups should know him!) and then we used our designing skills to make our very own 'Jack in the Box'. After this week we are now experts in all things magnetic and springy.

Year 4 Freezing and melting

Year 4 have had a great STEM week learning all about freezing and melting. We investigated what happened to solids when we put heat near them and have been looking at which solids can dissolve in water! 

Ancient Greek Olympic Day

Year 4 have been learning all about the Ancient Greek Olympics! During our Olympic day we were able to use different types of evidence to find out key information about what the Olympics used to be like in the Ancient times.

During the afternoon, we held our very own ancient Olympic Games and tried out some of the archaic events such as javelin (without the deathly spears) and the shot put!

The year 5 children who did not go off to High Borrans had an important job this week. They conducted a litter survey of our school grounds and found 105 pieces of litter! They were outraged and all agreed that this was not acceptable for our outstanding outside areas.

So, they rolled up their sleeves and went out and picked up all the litter. They created posters to go around school to remind people to put litter in the bin and will be monitoring the litter in the yard every month - let's keep Denbigh litter free! good work year 5!

Seasonal Change @ Northumberland Park

Year 2 went exploring at Northumberland Park looking for clues that Autumn is upon us. We created our very own nature trails, marking on landmarks to help us find our way. Then we got all creative with natural materials, designing hedgehog pictures out of fallen leaves.

Sadly wet leaves and double sided tape are not a winning combination but we had fun trying! We rounded off the day with some orienteering, honing our map reading skills. Mrs Candlish took a wrong turn a couple of times but thankfully we children knew where we were going! We can't wait to go back in the summer to see the changes that will have taken place.

Watch out - Bill Gates!

We are really enjoying our computing sessions in Year 3. We are learning how to build moving mechanisms and how to program them using algorithms. It's all very technical!

Today we used an egg shaped cam to control the movement of a wheel using the 'Wedo' equipment. Liam and Evie were the first group to build the mechanism from scratch and so became our experts for the lesson.  We asked them lots of questions to help us to build our own. They were very helpful!

The cast of the Year 5 play Romeo and Juliet attended their first cast workshop at the Whitley Bay Playhouse. They got to experience what it was like to be up on the stage and worked with real SSF actors to develop their drama skills. They showed fabulous sociable skills during the workshop whilst collaborating with some GSCE drama students and showed off a piece of the play so far.


Police visit Year 1

Year 1 had a fantastic time when the police came in this week! They learnt all about how the police help us in our community and also had a chance to try on some of the police uniform and equipment! It was very exciting.


Pit Village Life

Year 6 Lions and Tigers had a marvellous day today at Beamish! We certainly looked the part for it! We learned all about the life of Victorians who lived and worked in Pit Villages and spent a little time at the local school sampling their teaching styles and methods. The children were unanimous - Denbigh is the best! After all that hard work (and the shock of Victorian schooling) we decided a treat was in order and took a tram to Beamish Town. Well, it wouldn't be a trip to Beamish without a trip to the sweet shop - yum

During Arts Week, Year 6 created abstract art based on the work of Sonia Delaunay. The children investigated her life and her art, paying particular attention to her use of colour and shape. They learnt about the 'Orphanism' movement and its place in art in addition to forming their own opinions on her work. Finally, inspired by the Bal Bullier, the children created their own version of the 'Bal Bullier' using colour to portray mood and atmosphere. The children fully embraced the week and have grown to understand and appreciate Delaunay's famous quote..."Colour is the skin of the world".


Famous Artist

Year 1 Polar Bears and Pandas have had a fantastic art week! We have been learning all about Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting 'The Starry Night'. We have been naming and mixing colours, making light and dark shades and matching colours. We created 'The Starry Night' on the computers using the 2simple programme and even went on a star hunt! We painted a final piece of 'The Starry Night' which all look so good that you cannot tell the difference between ours and Van Gogh's. 

Year 3, 4 and 5 Arts Week

Year 3 enjoyed driving their teachers dotty while learning about "Pointillism" during Arts Week. We learned all about colours and how Georges Seurat used these in his work. We used the painting 'The Bathers at Asnieres' as our inspiration for the week. We sent postcards from the riverbank imagining we were Seurat's characters bathing in the sun and after practicing our using this technique, we created our own version of the picture called 'Sunbathers at St Mary's Lighthouse'. 

This week Year 4 have been working hard to learn all about our artist Claude Monet. We began by looking at one of his paintings and then tried to replicate this using lots of different skills. Did you know there are 3 different types of colours? Primary, secondary and tertiary! 

Once we had got to grips with the different colours we then had to practice getting the tone of this right in our painting. We have really enjoyed this week, we have learnt so much, why not ask us to tell you more!


Terrible Tudors

Year 5 have been finishing off their 'Terrible Tudors' topic this week learning about the exploration that happened under the reign of Elizabeth I. She sent out courageous explorers, such as Sir Walter Rayleigh, who brought her back new and exotic items from all over the world. Elizabeth loved this - we role played her being presented the most exotic and mysterious of all the gifts... the potato! She was a hard woman to please so we had to be very persuasive! 

Multi Skills

Year 3 Snakes and Lizards had an amazing time at Churchill Community College last week when they took part in the Family of Schools Muliti-skills Competition. All the children played hard but unfortunately they did not win. However, they showed great sportsmanship and were a credit to the school. Miss Jackson and Mrs Rodgerson were so proud of them. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have helped on trips this year. Without you none of the educational and sporting visits would not have been possible. THANK YOU from everyone in Year 3.

Sports Day

All of the children enjoyed being Decathletes for the day during our fantastic sports day events.

The children showed a range of skill across all events from Sprints to Javelin throw, football dribble to Long jump. There was an event for everyone! The sense of competition was in the air especially during the parent and teacher races! A great day was had by all.

See the pictures...

Girls Can at Denbigh!

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Year 3 International Day

Year 3 have had a great day learning all about China.

We began the day with some relaxing Tai Chi, which is an ancient Chinese martial art.

French Connection

What a fantastic turnout there was for Lion's and Tiger's French Coffee Morning. Thank you to all those who came. A super time was had by all. Further thanks to all those who donated prizes or cakes and who helped out on the day. The children had a fantastic time and loved sharing their French learning so merci from them too!

Year 1

Year 1 had a fantastic time learning about growing plants. The children learnt the names of the different parts of a plant including the parts of different fruits and vegetables that we eat. They also got to design what their ideal garden would look like and what it would include. Most children liked the idea of having their own vegetable patch and a picnic area to enjoy their home grown vegetables. We planted our own sunflower seeds and we are keeping a diary of their progress, predicting how long we think they will take to grow. We know they are not magic beans so they will not grow overnight!

Where have all the mini beasts gone?

Year 2 enjoyed a fun morning at The Rising Sun Country Park hunting for mini beasts both in and out of the water. Our guides Heather and Jim taught us all about pond dipping and searching for creepy crawlies hiding under rocks, logs and under leaves. We found tons of water snails, a few fish and even a leech! Sadly the mini beast hunt turned up very few critters, the dry weather lately has meant they have buried themselves well underground where it is dark and damp - their preferred living conditions. It didn't spoil our fun though. Move over David Attenborough, there are some new explorers on the block and they mean business!

Marvellous Mini Beasts

Year 2 explored the world of creeping and crawling last week while looking at mini beasts. We started the week off by creating a popplet to research various little creatures, building up to presenting our new found information on a factual poster and ending the week with creating a new species!

Our favourite part of the week was writing our own riddles and making our friends try and guess which mini beast we were from our descriptions.
Mrs Wallace was amazed by our observational skills when we sketched out different mini beasts, looking closely for patterns and detail. We even mixed our own colours, building on what we have already learned about primary and secondary colours.

We are now experts on creepy crawlies. Go on - ask us a question!

Year 3

During STEM week, Year 3 explored and investigated 'Rocks and Soils'. The week started with a 'bang!' when we investigated how many menthos it would take to make a bottle of coke explode the highest.It was a very explosive and exciting start to the week!

We also found out about the layers of the Earth and the types of rocks that for the Earth's crust. we made our own volcanoes and watched them erupt on the school field. Finally, we finished the week by visiting the beach and looking at the Sandstone cliffs first hand. What an amazing fun packed week with loads of learning too!

Year 4

Last week year 4 giraffes learned all about living things and their habitats in our STEM topic 'Home Sweet Home'. We were able to analyse the local habitats in our school grounds and group the organisms that we found. Following this, we used branching key diagrams to sort the organisms according to their features. We talked about new species and how we would know what kind of organism they were.

We learned all about food chains and used vocabulary such as producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, prey and predator when discussing organisms in the wild. Finally, to end our week of learning we were challenged to design a new organism. We had to make sure that its features were suited to its habitat and describe how it had adapted.