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March 2013







Elephants and Giraffes go Greek!

On Thursday the Elephants and Giraffes enjoyed going Greek for the day. In the morning the children learnt about the similarities and differences between the ancient Olympics, which started in Greece, and the modern day Olympics. The children found it interesting to learn about the different sports that were in the games, but were shocked that only men could take part and they didn’t wear the fancy sports gear that is worn during today’s Olympics! They found it interesting that females could not take place in the events and if women were married, they couldn’t even go and watch it!

We had our own mini Olympics taking part in the discus, javlin and shot put! After lunch we all enjoyed learning Greek dancing, but found it tricky to keep our arms touching the person beside us at all times! We finished the day by enjoyed a typical Greek feast of pitta bread, hummus, tzatziki, olives, feta cheese and halloumi cheese. The children enjoyed trying the different foods. Thank you to all the parents and carers who made the children look amazing with all their Greek outfits. It certainly added to the day!