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March 2013




Year 2 - Down at the Park and Road Safety

Year 2 Dinosaurs and Dragons got dirty down at Richardson Dees Park in Wallsend this week. We started our day making nature maps which encompassed walking around the park - exploring different elements of nature and learning all about squirrels, evergreen trees and the fungus boot.
"The best part was when we held the mirrors against our noses to look at the treetops while we walked. It felt like we were actually in the top of the trees!" Joseph Clarke

Our afternoon was spent reading maps and completing an orienteering course around the park. Competition was very fierce with all groups vying to be first back. The end result was tight but due to a number malfunction from one team, (they wrote one down wrong) Miss Roger's group was victorious! Super map reading in a super quick time. "It was fun because my mam had to go back and check letter B as they had gotten the wrong number. This meant our team won. It was so cool." Callum Chambers

Back at school we have converted our small maps into gigantic works of art using natural materials found on the day (thanks here to Joseph and Liam K) along with drawings and photographs. A brilliant day was had by all!