Our Anti-Bullying leaflet was created by the school council and the ICT team after consultation with all pupils.

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March 2013





Breakfast Club runs from Monday to Friday. Doors open at 8.15 and last entry is 8.30am. Breakfast Club is free to all children from Reception to Year 6. The funding for this service is shared between Greggs and school itself.

On arrival, children are given a choice of a healthy breakfast consisting of a variety of cereals, fruit juices and hot buttered toast.
Breakfast Club helps children to become more alert, focused and ready to tackle the day’s academic challenges. This can only further improve on our academic performance and classroom behaviour. Since introducing Breakfast Club to our school, we have seen a noticeable difference in attendance and punctuality too!

Breakfast Club is run by Mrs Bird and Mrs Young, with support from Mrs Crosby and Mrs Dodds. We also employ three fantastic ladies – Nicola, Lorraine and Michelle – to help ensure our children are well fed, stimulated and ready for the day ahead.

After a healthy and nutritious breakfast, the children then go off to do an activity of their choice. We have many activities on offer, most of which are games requiring 2 or more players to encourage sharing, co-operation and turn-taking. Older children have the choice of going to the ICT Suite, where they access school-based programs, helping them develop their skills in literacy, numeracy and thinking. They also have an opportunity to play against children from other schools in programs such as Mathletics. This is also a time to show off their ICT skills to Mrs Young, who is learning an awful lot from the younger generation! (Yeah, but they never let me win!)

Each Friday is ‘Cinema Friday’ where all children watch a dvd of their choice on the big screen. No matter how much we beg we never get to choose the films we want! I mean seriously, what is wrong with ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Calamity Jane’?!!!

Mrs Bird and Mrs Young