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March 2013







Year 4 and 4/5  - Author Visit

On Monday this week Elephants and Giraffes went to see ‘The two Stevens’ at Wallsend library. They are authors who have written over 180 books. The children listened to the two men speak and talk about their experiences as authors.

Here are two reviews from elephant class:
I thought it was interesting and funny because you got to learn new things about being an author and they always told lots of jokes! I learnt about being an author and that you can pinch some ideas from other books to make your writing better. I also learnt that when you are an author you have to make your books exciting or no one will want to read them. I really enjoyed it because the books were so interesting and you just wanted to know what would happen next! By Faye Davison

I thought the ‘two Stevens’ were hilarious because they made me laugh. I learnt that the best stories can have ideas pinched and that if I read at home I can be smarter than the Year 5s who don’t read at home. The two Steve’s read out some of the books that they wrote together and we had to act it out. By Alexis Rutherford.