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March 2013







Foundation Stage:
The children in Nursery and Reception have been getting to grips with mark making.  They have been making marks and ascribing different meanings to them.  The main focus has been using lines to enclose a space and then adding features to create pictures.  The children in Nursery coupled this with learning colours when painting pictures of the Denbigh rainbow.  The children in Reception had to look closely at themselves in the mirror, selecting the colours they needed for each element of their portrait and also to spot the different shapes they see in their faces.  They used line to create what they saw.  To complete the Denbigh classroom each child in reception used scissors to carefully cut out the Denbigh Logo which they stuck on their jumper

Year 1
Year 1 created lines drawings of emergency vehicles. Our topic this half term is 999 what’s your emergency? We looked closely at pictures of fire engines, police cars, ambulances and life boats.  

Year 2
In Year 2 we used the artist LS Lowry as inspiration for a Super Hero themed street scene. We started our week off looking at how we can use line to sketch a portrait of each other and using shade to add dimension. Then, once we had discussed Lowry's street scene paintings, we explored what was included and created our own street scene with all children working collaboratively to sketch each element of our scene. Shade was used to add dimension.

Year 3
During Arts week Snakes and Lizards studied the works of Sir Antony Gormley. He is the sculptor who designed a very famous icon of the North East, The Angel of the North. The children took their inspiration from a very successful visit to the monument, where they were able to see first hand how big the structure is. They also got to sketch it, using the Arts week theme of 'line', using cross-hatching techniques, to shade the light and shadows created by the sun on the sculpture. 

Year 4 & 4/5
Art week for Elephants and Giraffes took them to Ancient Greece, where they used their observational skills, cross hatching and shading techniques to sketch examples of pillars from various Ancient Greek temples. The children used their iPads to research images they liked and recreated them. They also looked at Greek pottery and the stories depicted on the pots and created their own scene. Children used their artistic talents to create the other half of a portrait where they had to look carefully at the features of the face to ensure that they were accurate in their observations. 

Year 5
During Arts week the year 5 Whales continued their topic ‘Infinity and Beyond’ by finding out about the first moon landing. We learned that this took place 45 years ago and decided to sketch a commemorative picture to mark the occasion. We started the week by practicing the line skills of shading and cross hatching. We then applied this to a sketch of the first man on the moon.

Year 5/6 & 6
In Lion and Tiger classes our topic this term is ‘Victorians’. As part of that topic we have been reading the text ‘Street Child’ and learning all about the workhouse whereJim Jarvis lives for part of the story. Lowry grew up in an industrial part of Manchester and his industrial artwork reflects the dark, dull, monotonous lifestyle of those in the workhouses.  We used a range of sketching techniques to re-create a Lowry scene. We have used perspective, toning and shading to add depth to our work.

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