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March 2013





Reception - Stem Week

This week the Reception, we have been learning all about water. We began by looking at why it was important and what we needed water for. One of our puppets was really sad as we got him white flowers.

He HATES white flowers so we experimented to see if we could change the colour of the flowers. We wrote up our predictions and observed the changes in the flowers, discussing why we think things would happen. It took a long time to observe but it was worth it. Our puppet just loved the different coloured flowers we gave to him.

The children also explored colour mixing as they mixed coloured water together and made our their potions by adding some oil to water and noticed that it floated on top of the water no matter how hard they tried to mix it.

We had 2 scientists come into school to talk about Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises’. We learnt about the various features of the different animals as well as carry out experiments to see how whales eat food without drinking water and how the animals keep warm under the cold water.

We used the water tray to explore how to make bubbles and to test which objects float and which sank. After Reading “Mr Archimedes Bath” we even discovered that heavy objects make the water rise! We even made our own boats. We have really enjoyed our week being scientists!


Nursery - Stem Week

This week in nursery we have been reading Commotion in the Ocean. We have been thinking about the animals needing water. We then thought about how we can move water from one tray into another. We started to use buckets but that was taking too long so the children decided to use pipes. We found out that someone would need to hold the pipe and one person would need to fill the pipe.

In nursery we found a dolphin that needed to be saved as it was stuck in the ice. To do this we tried to rub the ice, we used salt and even some sand and eventually the ice melted.


Year 1 - Stem Week

Y1 Polar Bears and Pandas had a buzzing time during STEM week. We learnt all about why bees are so important to our world and what we can do to try and conserve them. During the week we tasted honey and then wrote a description about it. We created 3D flying bees and painted Monet inspired bee pictures.

We had a great time playing The Pollen game in PE and we experimented with different smells to find the same bees from our hive. We are bee experts! If you want to try and help the bees, you can plant flowers in your garden.


Year 2 Stem Week

Year 2 were Bright Sparks during STEM week learning all about electricity.  We worked as mini scientists investigating, researching and creating all things electrical.  We researched the famous inventor Thomas Eddison and wrote biographies all about his life.  We learned that to light a bulb we need to build an electric circuit – this was a challenge set to us by our teachers!  Once we realised we needed the battery for power we were well on track to solving the problem.  We now know a circuit needs to be a circle – we used this knowledge to solve ‘silly circuits’ where we had to decide circuit or not.

We visited the Discovery museum and enjoyed a great day out investigating all things science!  We even talked science on the journey as we discussed how the metro runs on electricity.  We finished the week off by designing an electrical vehicle that could be the possible transport of the future.


Year 3 Stem Week

In year 3 this week, we have been learning all about Volcanoes and Geothermal energy. We have researched facts about volcanoes and used these to write our own reports and information leaflets. One of the most exciting things was when we had chance to build our own volcanoes and then make them erupt at the end of the week using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It was brilliant fun!!


Year 4 Stem Week

Year 4 have been studying what makes a good thermal insulator as part of their STEM week activities. They have based their studies around The Edwardian Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

The class learned that Robert Scott decided to use donkeys to help him conquer the South Pole in 1912 but they all perished in the sub-zero temperatures. As a result the children decided to investigate which materials would make the best cold weather gear to help protect the donkeys in the extreme climate.

They have carried out several different experiments but by far the most interesting was the ‘fat’ experiment. Children had one hand smeared with lard and the other left bare. They had to decide which hand was the warmest when they were plunged into ice cold water. James though it was disgusting and amazing at the same time! At the end of the week, each child designed some super cool cold weather gear, using all their scientific knowledge, which would definitely keep their donkey alive.


Year 5 Stem Week

Whales visited the Energy Centre in Wallsend on 21st March. We explored renewable energy systems and saw a “small” wind turbine which had been removed from the Port of Blyth. The new turbines have blades 100m long! Then we designed and made our own wind turbines to lift a cup. The most successful one was based on what we had learned earlier in the week in our classroom. We enjoyed working together and sharing our ideas


Year 6 Stem Week

During STEM week Lions and Tigers investigated climate change and its potential effects.

Taking on the role of true scientists the classes listened to and questioned guest speakers on areas such as animal preservation, renewable energy sources and carbon footprints.

The children used their new found knowledge to produce information posters to advise others on the impact climate change will have on all of our lives and how we can help reduce the effect of global warming.

Visit the year 5/6 corridor for a wealth of information!